Mike Tyson talks to Oprah about how his first wife was verbally / emotionally abusive

19 07 2010

I’m sitting at the computer semi watching Oprah which is on in the back ground. She is interviewing Mike Tyson and its been an interesting show so far.

One of the things Oprah seems surprised about is Mikes revelation about how he struggled to live with his first wifes abusive nature. She says right out to him that he is a big powerful man, how could his little petite wife abuse him. He replied saying that she was a tough woman who was able to strip him down with her tongue and belittle him causing him great shame and no where to go or ways to retaliate.

I missed the crux of the discussion and am not sure if he admitted that he was guilty of hitting his first wife.

In no way do I condone any man / woman hitting another, though it can be excused if done in self defence.

What was telling was his shame and embarressment in admitting how his wifes behavior affected him.