Do feminists believe its their right to abuse men and not acknowledge it?

22 06 2010

On of the things I am trying  to do with this blog is to encourage men who have suffered abuse that they are not alone. I am trying to set up that there is evidence and enough research done to acknowledge the need that men do need help in this area. And I’m trying to bring this hidden issue out into the light of society.

One of the areas I try hard not to do is to make it a women hating or feminist hating blog. I truly believe in true equality between gender, with a recognizance that there are  biological differences.

Theres a discussion on Toy Soldiers at the moment. For the most part I enjoy reading this blog. The articles are well written, the subject is to the point. It really saddens me about the issues the author has raised and the viral comments and ignorant gender biased tirades made by some militant feminist commentators. There are 3 male commentators who are talking about their experience of being raped by a women…2 while they were children.

Take this comment that was made in regards to their experience.


Saurs, your last comment is a complete disgrace to feminists everywhere just from sheer idiocy and lack of research. In most educated western nations, rape is defined as; “The forceful penetration of an orifice with a penis or other objects”. Simple logic dictates very few rapists are female from its definition.

Women cannot rape men through normal vaginal intercourse, but men can. In addition men have the advantage through rape culture. Statistics point out that 99% of men are rapists anyway. Women raping men are near nonexistent compared to men raping females, and shouldn’t be given any attention until the problem is reduced to near even levels, if it should ever be addressed at all. Its a victimless crime really. Men do not suffer the same emotional trauma from a forced sexual encounter as women do. (They don’t possess the same emotional depth as women.) Men who were raped(LOL) should count their blessings and be grateful since its more than they deserved.

This comment was made by a self confessing feminist. Note her words, that she doubts that male abuse shouldn’t really be addressed any way. The question I need to ask is if this rant by this person indicative of the philosophy behind the department of women under the premier in the NSW government office and why they refuse to act and even acknowledge that there is an issue of male abuse by women and won’t do any thing to help stamp it out?