The maths add up…or do they?

22 07 2010

I am not a great mathematician. Maths was one of my weakest subjects at school, further hindered by a teachers response to my questioning her about how the type of maths we were doing would help me in the work force in the future; that being farming.

We are doing algebra and py then. She said she didn’t know how it could help me, if at all it would…so being the pragmatic type of bloke that I am… I didn’t see the sense of learning it and so I didn’t.

It was only when I had to work out volumes, area’s, weights and ratios that the importance of maths really hit home and I had to go on a steep learning curve to learn it.

One thing that having to work out ratios gave me was a habit of working out percentages. Take my earlier blog entry about forgotten victims of domestic abuse… Mrs Burches assistant was happy to use the statistic that women are 3 times as likely to be abused as men are…but fights against the maths that this means one in three victims are men.

Ms Burch’s spokesman quoted the statistic that women were three times more likely to be victims of intimate partner abuse, but then disputed the same statistic when used by the One in Three Campaign.

Today I was involved in another facilitated mediation session with my ex-wife. She said that her legal advice about property settlement was that I was entitled to a minimum of 20%. Though she didn’t admit it was the minimum. She then offered me $50k which works out at 13.5% of the said houses value… or after the mortgage is paid it works out to be 15.5% of the asset.

I told her that I would be willing to accept that amount, on the proviso that she would agree to waive any future child support payments. Now before you howell at me about my being the children’s father I should be ready to pay for and support them, hear the facts.

I am now on a disability support pension. The future prospects of myself being gainfully full-time employed into the future has a dubious existence after considering ongoing health concerns. Being paid out 15.5% of the asset is well below any reasonable entitlement I could expect from the house. The monetary difference between what I could receive for my share of the home and what I’m accepting is more than 3 or 4 times what could be reasonably expected for me to pay in child support over the next 8 years.

My ex-wife was spitting chips when I worked out the percentages and she hated me saying the amount on offer equalled to 13.5% of gross and 15.5% net of the house value… yet this is what it is.

I would love to be working 40 hours plus a week. I wish I never collapsed at work on the 17th of October 2007 through viral encephalitis. For the first time in 12 years of marriage my then wife had to go out to work… her response to me in January 2008 was that she was going to take the kids, move away and divorce me because I was no longer useful to her.

I am happy for my kids to keep the family home… don’t believe the lie though that I am refusing to provide for them… because I am.