Christmas eve

24 12 2010

For some of my readers Christmas is a time of rejoicing. For others its a time of heartache and sorrow.

Its a time of rejoicing for some; for you will spend time with your families; friends and enjoy the holiday break. For others its a time of rejoicing for faith filled reasons as we celebrate the birth of Jesus; God come in the flesh granting hope for the nations.

For others its a time of sorrow; you suffer loneliness. You may not have a family to celebrate with. You may not have access with your children. You may not have family around you for reasons of divorce, death and perhaps you are away from family because of work reasons.

What ever Christmas means to you this year. I pray that you will know the Joy that comes from knowing God is for you and not against you. That in your sorrows you will be comforted. In your times of joy you will be strengthened. I pray that no matter how hard this year has been; that next year will be better. That next year will be a year of hope. And for those who are celebrating Christmas with joy; I pray that you and your families will be kept safe over this holiday period and through out next year.

So this Christmas eve I want to bless you with a merry Christmas and say may God truly bless you.

craig b,