Why this blog

This blog is for men and is about men who are suffering from or have suffered abuse from women within a relationship. Unfortunately in Australia and throughout the western world society is repeatedly told that basically it is only women who suffer abuse within a relationship and that women do not abuse men in ways that affects their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

I suffered the heartache of being abused within a married relationship and you can read my story in this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to help encourage guys who have suffered abuse that you are not alone and that there is help out there for you. Its a place where you can comment and tell your story if you want.

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23 03 2011
sherry clyburn

Could you please contact me ay burt222@hotmail.com

I am a survivor of childhood abuse which spiraled into a long term relationship with a man who introduced me to a life filled with domestic violence, and unfortunately I also became a non-offending mother of a sexually abused child. I am developing two books. “Shadows of Silence: Book 1” gives readers a front row seat to what transpired in my life. The second is an anthology e-book, with entries from professionals as well as both male and female survivors from most age brackets, from many walks of life and from many parts of the world.

I would like to invite you to join the others who are featured in book two. Please check out my pages and if you are interested I look forward to hearing from you. Here is one of my links http://sherry123456789.xanga.com/

Together we can and will make a difference.

23 03 2011
sherry clyburn

You have a wonderful blog and I hope you will use my book as a platform to introduce it to those who may not know about you. If you help you will be one of close to 1000 other entries.

12 06 2011
Craig Benno

Hi Sherry.. sorry for the late reply. I’m sorry to hear your own story of abuse and am glad though that you are speaking up about it, Abuse of all kinds is destructive and needs to be spoken of.

12 06 2011


It is certainly true that the traditional concept of domestic violence is gender biased. But as a man who was in an emotionally abusive relationship I can definitely relate to you. It is very inspiring to see other men stepping up to shed light on the fact that we too can be abused.

In Hope,

12 06 2011
Craig Benno

Hi Omar, thanks for your comments. I checked out your blog and it is good to see that other men are rising up and challenging the status quo.

24 06 2011

Hi Craig,

Thanks for checking out my blog. Will you be continuing with this blog?

Would love to connect.


25 06 2011
Craig Bennett

Hi Omar.
I will be continuing this blog. There are times when I need to walk away from it because of the painful memories.

There is a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes which I can’t comment about at the moment – watch this space.

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