Wrong diagnosis conspiracy between doctors and schools and new guidelines in the courts regarding domestic abuse

20 07 2011

Today’s Daily Telegraph has  two interesting articles in it. The first has to do with the large number of children being deliberately misdiagnosed with autism, so that schools / parents can get funding to help with difficult children.

The second has to do with new guidelines within the family court system in regards to emotional, mental, spiritual and financial abuse and the impacts this has on spouses abused in these areas.

I have spoken about this on a number of occasions previously and its something I am going to bring up with my sons specialist as I make an appointment to see him over the next few weeks to discuss my sons continual miss diagnosis and medication. The second issue about the new court guidelines, was also very interesting.

For I  received the correct forms from the Federal Magistrates court today, which will enable me to apply to the courts for a final court decision regarding the current failed negotiations for settlement of assets.

The cruellest of words.

1 07 2011

People can be hard and harsh. They can say and do the most hurtful things to others. One of the cruellest forms of cruelty I believe is the harsh words that parents speak over their children. The worst example of such was when I was sitting at a table and heard a mother saying to her adult daughter.

You have beautiful skin – the reason for it though is that you are so fat, that it fills out your wrinkles. 

Is it any wonder we live in a mixed up and hurting world?