The law is an ass at times…

27 01 2011

A mother has been charged with raping a 15 year old boy in the U.S.A… she gave birth to his son and… now a judge has ordered that he now has to pay her…. child support… read the full story here

Innocents facing the death penalty.

8 01 2011


Popular author  John Grisham is interviewed about his involvement in the USA judicial system regarding the death penalty. You can watch an interesting talk at a book expo regarding one of his upcoming books regarding this subject.

Interestingly he says its mostly men who are falsely incarcerated. He also says that the catch 22 regarding the execution process is that the system believes its impossible for innocent people to go onto being executed.

There are many forms of execution and you don’t have to be sitting on death row falsely accused to face a death blow. There are many others today who face a death blow every day; though they are not sitting on death row.

Day by day they face verbal, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual abuse; which slowly kills and destroys their very inner being…. yet society still refuses to believe what is happening.