Melbourne Mum, pours boiling water over 4 year old for soiling bed, gets 7 months.

6 07 2010

The Melbourne Sun Herald reported on Friday 2nd July about a mother who poured boiling water over her 4 year old daughter’s leg and back as punishment for her spoiling her bed. The mum had told the girls dad on a access visit that she had a bad nappy rash…on advice of a GP, the dad took the girl to hospital where it was discovered it was a liquid burn and not a rash.

Judge Sue Pullen said the mothers actions were on the extreme end of abuse and yet defended her sentence of the mother saying;  “That she had already suffered enough punishment through her depression and the fact she had lost custody of her child… and found her guilty of recklessly causing serious injury”

The report notes the girls father now has custody of his daughter.

I believe any parent who abuses their children in any extreme way should lose custody of their child.  The judges decision raises questions that have to be asked in regards to our societal response in caring for those who are abused and how we respond to the abuser. Would this judge sentence a dad the same way?



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7 07 2010
jocelyn andersen

I completely disagree with that judge! Either parent, whether mother or father, should go to prison for that crime. I believe abusive parents do not get punished as they should because children are not valued in modern culture. Children have no power, and children do not contribute financially. They rarely get justice.

Sadly, all around, violent crime is being punished with a slap on the wrist these days. Sometimes it looks as if the punishment is severe, but in reality the sentence is never carried out. I served on a jury trial almost 30 years ago where we found a young man guilty of murder. He became angry at another young man, entered his home and stabbed him without word or fight. The evidence was overwhelming that he was guilty. There we several reliable eyewitnesses to the crime. It broke the juror’s hearts, including mine (we were all in tears) that such a young man was sentenced to life in prison for his crime. Well, it turns out he was out on parole in seven years. That is not justice for wantonly taking the life of an 18 year old boy.

8 07 2010
Craig Benno

Hi Jocelyn.

I agree with you. I believe in mercy and justice. What makes this case horrible is the mother tried to cover it up when the girls dad picked her up for his time of care. She packed some cream in her bag with a note saying her doctor had given her this cream to rub on her potty rash.

I believe that every abuser needs to undertake a mandatory anger management course.

I don’t know what it is like in the states. Over here in NSW when I told the department of community services officer that my wife had threatened to stab me, had spat on me, destroyed property, had hit and bit me as well as verbally abused me over a 3 year period among other stuff…… they wanted me to do a anger management course because I am a man. …and had no provision for my then wife to do the same course….

20 07 2010

I wouldn’t be shocked if that judge had a mean-streak herself. I hate to think the worst of people, but this judge should be recalled. Anyone who downplays the purposeful scalding of a small child should be called out for such evil and removed from the bench.

21 07 2010
Craig Benno

I’m not sure about the mean streak Tim. I think perhaps its a case of missplaced compassion… in that a mother has suffered enough by losing custody of her child to the childs father.

I agree the judges motives and actions need to be reviewed.

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