Male rape victim told by NZ Police they didn’t think it was a crime

18 06 2010

The New Zealand Herald has a story in it today about how a boy suffered sexual abuse from his dance school teacher between the age of 11-18.

When Aaron Gilmore told police he had been sexually abused by a woman, the police officer’s first response was: “I’m failing to see a crime here.”

“It was like being hit with a sledgehammer,” says the Dancing with the Stars performer, who will tell his story at New Zealand’s first sexual abuse survivors’ “summit” in Auckland tomorrow.”

This is a huge point that the NSW Governments 5 year Domestic Violence and Abuse action plan fails to address. It makes the presumption that it is the males who are perpeptuators of any family violence. In doing so it fails to address the facts that not all women are nurtering mothers.

We often read / hear stories in the media about how the department of community services has failed to care for a child who was killed or abused in tragic circumstance while under the care of its mother. I ASK the question if the reason for this is because of the Governments failing to acknowledge that Women Abuse?

Certainly it is failing to do so in its current plan to stem violence within the family and within society.

Aaron. I applaud your courage for speaking out. I pray that indeed our society leaders will hear your story and respond.



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