For society to succeed…it has to be based on “Justice”

12 06 2010

For society to succeed its foundation must be established on the two-edged sword of Justice and Mercy.

The foundation of  justice must be based on truth. If it’s not true then it can’t be just. Justice means that “Justness” has been or will be carried out. To make a just decision one has to have all the factual information at hand to be able to make a true decision.

If a judgement has been made that is not based on total truth then the judgement is not a just decision and the societal walls and foundations will crumble more into anarchy.

We are starting to see the fabric of our own society fray and the foundations crumble because of a lack of true “Justice”  I don’t believe this destruction is a deliberative destruction. Rather its happening because its an ongoing effect of injustice. Throughout this world there has been much injustice and many have fought to right the injustice and bring about justice. However the weapons that are used to fight against injustice has been with the same spears of injustice.

Take the current status of society in regards to Intimate Partner Violence. It is true that there has been a gross injustice towards some women throughout our society on domestic violence  and equality issues. It is right and just to make truthful decisions based on the facts to help society to change and stamp out inequality and violence within its fabric.

However when those same laws and decisions ignore the domestic violence issues for men; true justice has not been the result. The result is that society suffers from greater inequality and those who have striven for Justice to take place actually build the foundation of injustice into the make up of their lives which will bring about more destruction of self…

True justice must take into account the whole truth that affects all of humanity.




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