It Is Now Legal For Women To Abuse Men Within a Relationship in NSW

10 06 2010

I have just read the NSW Governments

“Domestic and Family Violence Action Plan: Stop the Violence, End the Silence”

You can read this latest 5 year plan that was released on the 8th of June 2010

The Keneally Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Action Plan lays the foundation for a shift in how we as a government, as a community and as individuals, respond to domestic and family violence. It recognises that stamping out domestic and family violence is the responsibility of the whole community and we need to change the way our society treats domestic violence if we are to effectively prevent and respond to it.

This paragraph is from the introduction of the action plan. I applaud the Government for saying that we need to stamp out Domestic and Family Violence. We do need to do this.

However the Premier is lying in her statement. This 5 year plan offers nothing in it at all for men who suffer or have suffered or will suffer Domestic Violence from their female partner. In fact it doesn’t even mention that men also can be victims of Domestic Violence…or using the current term “Intimate Partner Violence ” (IPV)

This flies in the face of current research that not only says…but proves that men are abused by females at the same rate as women are by men. Not only does this research show this in Australia…it is shown in the current research in Canada, America and UK

What this paper…actually its more then a paper…its part of the NSW Law..because its an action plan to stop abuse…but the action plan is only to stop abuse of women….

I again reiterate…. YES YES YES lets stop the abuse of women… Are not men part of society. Are not men part of the fabric of families?

According to this paper… the answer is NO!



2 responses

29 12 2014

This is why I don’t give jack shit about rape & violence against women. Most of my life I thought being a “nice guy” would mean something. In my dad’s day (I’m 63) men were respected by a large number of women, not all… they appreciated a gentleman. I grew up in the stench of feminism where nice guys were considered jerks and fools, abused or just ignored. Karma is no respecter of persons, what women sow they reap. I am now happily free from my last abuser, the cunt died on me which is a true blessing. Now finally I can see what women are in this culture and want nothing to do with them. I can buy sex and don’t need their attention, the price is too high. Kudos to the MRA, it is waking up tons of men.

29 12 2014
Craig Benno

I I try and respect all – being respectful is a reflection of who I am and not who they are.

Ritchie, it sounds like you have been through a painful time.

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