Automatically presumed Angry.

25 05 2010

My two boys started to play up at school particularly my youngest son. Eventually when the abuse came to a head and I had to leave, Burnside contacted me about a program they had called Brighter Futures.

The first lady I spoke to really supported me and counselled me through the circumstances of what was happening to me. When she left for another appointment the next lady who replaced her wanted me to join a mens anger management group, telling me that if I didn’t they wouldn’t be able to continue to help me.

I told her that I wasn’t able to do that as I was already actively involved with a mens group with church on that night and that I didn’t have an anger issue or problem..and asked why she was wanting me to do it when ny wife had the anger problems?.. That question was never answered.

I am so glad I didn’t join that group as it would now have legal implications for me in court. It’s really interesting that there is no anger management courses available for women to do…. the question I ask is WHY?




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