The Human Rights Commision is not for Human Rights for all

21 05 2010

I contacted the Australian Commission for Human Rights telling them my story about my experience of abuse and my experience of getting little help from the NSW Department of Community Services.  I explained how the two public documents on the Doc’s website about abuse automatically assume that men are the abusers and women the victims and how that experience caused me to feel more victimized and unable to find help.

I shared with them how I had been contacted by an affiliated Doc’s provider (Brighter Futures) about the behavior of my children at school, who were responding to what was happening at home. I had shared with them how I was victimized, that my wife was abusive and that they then wanted me to sign up for a Anger Management Course.

Hmmm I found this interesting, I was hit, spat on, kicked, bitten, had things thrown at me, holes put in the walls by my wife and had personal items destroyed. I was threatened to be stabbed, verbally abused, mentally, spiritually and emotionally attacked; and they had the hide to say that they wanted me to go and do a Anger Management Course

I had emailed the Human Rights Commission on Wednesday night and I received a phone call from them the next morning. The person ringing me was very touched by my poem “Cutting Words.”

They informed me that they were unable to help me. That even though I had felt discriminated upon because of what had happened they couldn’t help me. Theythen made the suggestion  that I contact the NSW Anti Discrimination Board…which I will do; Watch this space.

The clanger was then dropped. I asked the man if I was a woman going through the same thing would they be able to help me and they replied “YES they would”…Upon asking “WHY”, I was told that under the UN charter and the Australian Federal Government legislation the Human Rights Commission was only legislated to deal with inequality issues with Women and to a lessor degree Children.

Now I am a great fan of Gender Equality with a recognizance of difference in biological function. I think there has been some great strides over the years for recognition and action towards equality for women. Such as the vote, the ability to take out loans, work place payments and I applaud the strides that have been made to stamp out abuse and victimisation of women of any kind.

In saying this, shouldn’t MEN be included in the charter and overall care of the  Human Rights Commission. There is a danger and indeed it is starting to happen that the intent to create basic Human Rights where all have the right to be treated with dignity and respect without fear of intimidation and abuse is failing. If one part of society is failed to be cared for, then all of society will suffer.

Abuse is not a gender issue, it is a issue dealing with broken humanity.



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17 06 2010
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